Great Spotted Woodpeckers In Co. Down

The landowner of the property in the Downpatrick area were Great Spotted Woodpeckers have been breeding for several years has contacted Chris Murphy to voice concerns about the large number of people who have been visiting the site recently.
Apparently individuals and groups of people have been coming to the area and entering the private property were the woodpeckers are breeding.
This obviously risks disturbing these rare breeding birds but, just as importantly, is causing concern and disquiet to the people who live at this property and whose goodwill is needed to ensure that these birds can continue to breed successfully.
The landowner has asked that birdwatchers stop visiting this site and we would request that all birdwatchers respect these wishes. We would also like to remind birdwatchers that disturbing nesting birds is an offence, and that entering private property against the owners wishes can only damage the reputation of birdwatching and all birdwatchers.

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