The plight of breeding waders in Northern Ireland-Chris Murphy.

In case any followers of NI Birds wish to comment or might simply be interested, this is the link to the recent Belfast Telegraph article drawing attention to the perilous state some of NI's breeding waders and other wildlife is in.   


On a related subject, Chris Murphy would like to give a talk to local biodiversity officers, councillors, MLAs, school teachers, club leaders, etc. about the wonderful birds and wildlife of Lough Beg.  Its part of our campaign, Lough Beg for Life, through which he is trying to raise awareness of the value of this fantastic wetland in the hope that public opinion will ultimately swing the proposed re-routing of the A6 away from the lough which will never be the same again if the road is allowed to go through the Creagh and within c.150m. of Paddy's Dub.  I'm not much of a bird/wildlife photographer myself and so have very little relevant material with which to illustrate such a talk. Chris is asking any photographers willing to let him use their work for the purpose of conservation to contact me. All photographers will be acknowledged. 
If anyone has relevant photographs please contact this blog and we will happily forward them to Chris.

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