The Birds of Ireland - A Field Guide

The new photographic identification guide for the Birds of Ireland is the first of its kind for the island of Ireland. The book covers over 260 of the common and scarce species which can be found here during the calendar year. The new guide takes the best of both photographic and illustration-based guide formats. Over 1,600 photographs have been used, of which approximately 1,450 images are Mark Carmody's, with between 6 and 14 images on the plates of each of the common species. Images have been selected to show a variety of plumages and the species from different angles and in flight to aid the user in identifying the species in the field. This easy to use format marks out the guide as unique in terms of its plate design and layout, particularly in an Irish context. The concise text has been written to highlight the key identification features of each species. This new and refreshing format could set the tone and standard for future photographic guides! Below are a selection of plates and the cover:

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