Bird News Monday 30th April

 A pair of Dotterel were with a flock of Golden Plover on the fields at Myroe Levels this morning (Mervyn and Susanne Guthrie). Both birds were still showing early this evening (Brian McCloskey).

Two adult Mediterranean Gulls were observed flying over a house in Antrim (Davy Hunter)

A White-tailed Eagle was on the shores of Lough Neagh not far from Ardboe, Co.Tyrone. The bird has no wing tags. (Clare Bell) The bird was then seen at Reedy Flats this afternoon (Mark Killops)

A Ring Ouzel was on Rathlin (Ric Else / Hazel Watson)

Our thanks to Ric/Hazel for the photo of the Ring Ouzel and to Clare who sent in the photo of the White-tailed Eagle. Also to Mervyn for the pics of  the two Dotterel. Another pic of the White-tailed Eagle seen at Reedy Flats kindly sent in by Mark Killops

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