Bird News Sunday 29th July

A probable adult Honey Buzzard drifted south over Ballyboley forest near Larne, early afternoon. It was different to David Steele’s bird on Friday. (Davy Hunter)

Belfast WOW reserve this morning had the returning Ruff now in winter plumage, single Whimbrel, Sanderling and Knot and 4 summer plumaged Bar-tailed Godwits. (Ed O'Hara, Stuart McKee).

2 Crossbills and a Cuckoo were at Clabby Mountain, Co Fermanagh ths morning. (Colin Bell).

Victoria Park, Sydenham this afternoon had 1 ad Med Gull + 2 juv Med Gull. Both juv Med Gulls had colour rings - 1 was from German study yellow ring AYLT and the others origin was unclear but likely to be France/Belgium/Netherlands white ring 339J. A Common Sandpiper also present (Ian Enlander)

Following on from the recent sightings of two young colour-ringed Med Gulls from Germany, a further young colour-ringed Med Gull from Poland, was at Castle Espie today (Gareth Platt)

A flock of 13 Whimbrel was seen at the Barmouth. The Estuary had a summer plumaged Knot, summer Bar-tailed Godwit, 4 Sanderling and a Greenshank (Colin Guy)

Thanks to Thomas Campbell for this pic of a Common Sandpiper and Gareth Platt for the juvenile Med Gull:

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