Ringed Goldfinchs

On Sunday we received a picture of a Goldfinch with a yellow ring on it's leg taken by Charles Harkin in Muff, Co. Donegal, today we received another picture of a Goldfinch with a yellow ring from Dick Glasgow, see pictures below.

Does anyone have any information on a ringing scheme for Goldfinchs or what type of ring these are?


  1. Finches carrying solely a plastic ring are likely to be escapees from captivity (or illegal captures from the wild after being re-released). No BTO-approved project proceeds without a metal BTO ring being fitted to the bird.

    Other tell-tale signs of captivity are clipped claws, which I think one of these has.

  2. N.B. My North Antrim photo, above, was taken on the Monday morning, the day after Charles took his photo in Muff - 50 miles away!