Bird News Sunday 17th February.

20 Waxwing were still in Ardarawood, Comber. They seem to be appearing in the late afternoon.(C.Shaw)

104 Red-throated Diver flew into Belfast Lough between 07.30-08.40. Yesterday 11 RTD were at Portmuck.(I.Enlander).

423 Whooper Swan were at the Creagh and 2 Little Egret in the flooded fields of the Lower Bann near Toome (Seamus and Ciaran Burns).

In Donegal 400 Barnacle Geese were in the fields near Malin village and another 200 at Malin Head. 10 Great Northern Diver, 30 Chough and a Merlin were at Quigley Point (Gerard McGeehan).

The note below refers to yesterday sighting from Oxford Island regarding the ringed Greylag Geese.

The geese with the orange collars with the black writing, were collared on inch lake as part of a marking program. If you could forward the details of these sightings and flock sizes and numbers, to The bird A|BI was spotted on Inch lake on Friday 15th in the company of 6 other collared birds.

This the reporting email for all these orange collared birds with black writing and if you could spread the word amongst the birdwatching community and try and report all sightings to the above email address, you will then get a bird profile/report within a few days.

Our thanks for the wonderful images provided by, from the top, Zach McCreery- Waxwing. Mark Killops-Song Thrush. Craig Nash - Brambling

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