Birding Literature for Sale

huge amount of birding literature is for sale, including the following -

1. A forty year unbroken run of British Birds - mainly loose but a few volumes bound.

2. A complete run of Bird Study since its inception in 1954.

3. A complete run of Scottish Birds.

4. A long sequence of Welsh Birds.

5. One of very few complete sets of Irish Birds in existence.

A large number of County Bird reports and many soft back journals. Numerous copies of BTO News, IWC/Birdwatch Ireland News (Wings)

Hundreds of hard back monographs which are too numerous to list but include many New Naturalists and Poyser.

Many bird atlases from all over the United Kingdom.

The chances are that if you want it, I have it, so give me a ring if you have a specific need.

All the books are in Banbridge, Co Down and if you are interested in then, please contact:

Jim Wells 07856235144 / 

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