Bird News Thursday 22nd April

A Swift was over the Balancing Lakes in Craigavon. (Ed O'Hara).

35 Whimbrel 2 Common Terns, 18 White Wagtails and a Wheatear were at the Lough Erne Golf Resort. There was no sign of the Lesser Scaup (Brad Robson)

A Spotted Redshank and a Whitethroat were at Ardilea (Tony Dodds / Billy Miskelly).

Yesterday evening a possible Water Pipit was at Kinnegar Lagoon. (Ronnie Doggart).

A Cuckoo was at Altikeeragh/Ballyhacket this morning and a Whitethroat was at the University in Coleraine. (John Clarke).

An adult Dark-bellied Brent was with Brent on Newcastle beach this afternoon, before flying off towards Murlough with a group of Brent, after being disturbed. Two adults, loosely associating, were later seen with the Brent in Dundrum South Inner Bay. (David Nixon).

Thanks to Alastair McLean for the picture of the Jay, to Brad Robson for the picture of the Wheatear, to David Clarke for the picture of the Golden Plover, to Ed O'Hara for the picture of the Swift and to David Nixon for the picture of the Dark-bellied Brent:

Bird News Wednesday 21st April.

 Our thanks to everyone who have reported Whimbrel flocks, seems to be a big movement along  our coastlines at present.

Our thanks to Jonathan Clark for this image of a Purple Sandpiper. Also to Richard Caves for the photo of a Whimbrel.


Bird News Tuesday 20th April

A White-tailed Eagle was seen along the south shore of Lough Neagh. (John Lambe). (It is a satellite tagged Shannon Estuary 2020 released juvenile, which travelled up from south Tipperary over a couple of days and spent most of yesterday at Reedy Flat- per James O’Neill)

The Lesser Scaup was still at Lough Erne Golf Resort, Co Fermanagh. 46 White Wagtails and 5 Wheatears were also present (Brad Robson)

30 Whimbrel and 35+ White Wagtail were at the Bann Estuary (Bob Watts)

At least 7 Crossbills were feeding in trees at Murlough in Co Down, at the Keele Point end of the nature reserve. (Paul and Christine Megahey)

11 Red-throated Diver were off Newtownabbey (Dakota Reid)

Thanks to John Lambe for the picture of the White-tailed Eagle:

Bird News Monday 19th April

 A Red Kite was seen drifting high over Antrim Marina. (Gareth Platt).

2 Whimbrel were at Barton's Bay on the south shore of Lough Neagh this morning. (Richard Caves).

A Cuckoo was at Murlough. (Mike McLaughlin)

3 Whimbrel were at the north coast. (Juliet Fleming).

Thanks to Mike McLaughlin for the pictures of the Cuckoo and the Golden Plover and to Richard Caves and Juliet Fleming for the pictures of the Whimbrels:

  Richard Caves

Juliet Fleming

Bird News Sunday 18th April

60 Whimbrel were at Ballyquinton Point, near Portaferry (Richard Weyl)

A Cuckoo was at Murlough, Co Down (Haire family)

30 Manx Shearwater flew past St Johns Point over a period of about half an hour today. Two Whimbrel were also at Rolly Island, Strangford (Michael Latham)

A Grasshopper Warbler and 8 Crossbill were at Woodburn above Carrickfergus (Gerard McGeehan / Shirley Dunlop)

Portmore Lough had the Great White Egret and a Whimbrel was at Lady’s Bay (Ed O’Hara)

Great White Egret, Ed O'Hara:

Manx Shearwater. Michael Latham:

Whimbrel, Michael Latham:

Bird News Saturday 17th April

Lough Beg this morning had the Green-winged Teal, Great White Egret, 10 Ruff, 3 Whimbrel, 200+ Black-tailed Godwit, 50+ White Wagtails and 3 Wheatear. (Garry Armstrong).

The first winter Glaucous Gull was at Portstewart Promenade. Three Whimbrel were at west strand. (Bob Watts)

The Lesser Scaup was still at the Lough Erne Resort, close to the Boardwalk (Wilton Farrelly)

2 Pink-footed Geese were at Lough Cowey and 24 Whimbrel and 15 White Wagtail at Kearney. (Richard Weyl)

Our thanks to Ed O'Hara for the photo of a Sedge Warbler taken at Oxford Island. Also to Wilton Farrelly for the image of the Lesser Scaup. 

Bird News Friday 16th April

The 2nd winter Iceland Gull was still in Enniskillen (Brad Robson)

The drake Lesser Scaup is still at Lough Erne Golf Resort (Brad Robson)

2 Red-throated Divers were at Magilligan Point and 2 Whimbrel flew over. (Martin Deehan)

The Green-winged Teal, Spotted Redshank and 4 Ruff were at Lough Beg (Gerard McGeehan / Nigel Moore).

A Cuckoo was calling at Binevenagh and a 1st year Glaucous Gull and 20+ White Wagtails were at Portstewart. (John Clarke).

A flock of 30 Whimbrel were at Barton's Bay on the south shore of Lough Neagh. (Richard Caves).

13 Ruff (mostly males), 2 Spotted Redshanks, 2 Knot and 150+ White Wagtails were on the western shoreline of Lough Beg this evening. The male Ring-necked Duck and the Great White Egret were at Mullagh. (David Steele).

Thanks to John Clarke for the picture of the Glaucous Gull and to Alastair McLean and Richard Caves for the pictures of the Whimbrel:

  Alastair McLean

 Richard Caves

Bird News Thursday 15th April

The drake Lessser Scaup was again at the Lough Erne Resort, Co Fermanagh (Brad Robson)

A Golden Eagle was on Rathlin today (Michael Cecil)

A Spoonbill (an adult in breeding plumage) was in the southwestern corner of Lough Beg this evening, flew in at 20.00 hours then feeding up till dusk. The Great White Egret was also present. (David Steele)

4 late Fieldfare were in the Sperrins this morning (Adam McClure)

Two Grasshopper Warblers were near Armoy in the Antrim Hills today. (Clive Mellon)

15 Whimbrel were at the Bann Estuary from the hide. (John Spottiswood)

A Red Kite and a Merlin were seen in the Antrim Hills (Davy Hunter)

4 Whimbrel and a Red-throated Diver were seen from Magilligan Point (Bob Watts)

3 Common Sandpipers were at Stoneyford Reservoir this evening (John O’Boyle)

Spoonbill, Great White Egret and Little Egret, David Steele:

Lesser Scaup, Brad Robson:

White Wagtail, Ballywhiskin, Guy Hamilton:

Kestrel, Chris Craig:

Merlin, Michael Latham:

You can see more pics of local birds at:

Bird News Wednesday 14th April

A Great Northern Diver was still at the west end of Lower Lough Erne, Co Fermanagh having wintered on the Lough (Brad Robson)

55 White Wagtail and a Common Sandpiper were at Ballywhiskin. (Richard Weyl)

A male Snow Bunting was at Ramore Head yesterday, (Matthew Tickner / Colin Guy)

A Barn Owl was seen in Hillsborough last night (Garry Wilkinson)

A Yellow Wagtail was at Paddy's Dub, the Little Ringed Plover was on the shore of Lough Beg, the Green-winged Teal, Great White Egret, 5 Whimbrel and 100+ White Wagtail were also present. (Billy Miskelly).

6 Whimbrel where at Killard.(Alastair Rae)

Two White Wagtails were at Ballymacormack Point this afternoon. (James Andrew).

A drake Lesser Scaup was at the Lough Erne Golf Resort in Fermanagh this evening. (Brad Robson).

A single Brent Goose was inland on Lower Lough Erne today. (Amy Burns).

Our thanks to Alastair McLean for the photo of a Pied Wagtail. Also to Ed O'Hara for the Common Tern seen at Reedy Flats.


Bird News Tuesday 13th April

4 Long-tailed Duck were off the barmouth, Dundrum. Also seen were 7 Great Northern and 2 Red-throated Diver and a Manx Shearwater. (Andrew Crory).

7+ White Wagtail were on the pier on the Portstewart side of the Barmouth viewed from Castlerock side. (Bob Watts).

A Red Kite flew over the Lisburn - Glenavy road this evening. (TomTrouton).

A Little Ringed Plover was at Paddy's Dub, a Spotted Redshank, Ruff, Green-winged Teal and 100+ White Wagtails were also present. Another 200+ White Wagtails were on the western shore of Lough Beg and the Great White Egret was in the south west corner. (David Steele).

Ballykelly this evening had 71 Whoopers, 2 Whimbrel and 2 Common Sandpipers. (Martin Deehan).

With migrants arriving in good numbers and the breeding season now under way we would like to remind everyone that it is an offence to disturb any breeding birds. We understand that contributors to, or readers of, this site would not deliberately disturb any wildlife. We would remind contributors that, during the breeding season, we will not post any pictures of birds that appear to be at or near a breeding site, we also will not post pictures of birds that appear to be displaying or birds carrying nesting material or food. This policy is designed to help protect all of our birds during what is a stressful and difficult time for them. 

Thanks to Seamus McStravick for the picture of the Wheatear and to David Steele for the pictures of the Little Ringed Plover and Great White Egret:

Bird News Monday 12th April

The Russian White-fronted Goose is still at the Ecos Centre, Ballymena, this morning (Jeff Larkin)

A Spoonbill was seen flying directly overhead Rea's Wood this morning towards Antrim. (Patrick Barton)

A Cuckoo was calling near Derrygonnelly, Co Fermanagh (Brad Robson)

This morning a Green Sandpiper was by the Ardilea River, upstream form the stone bridge. (Danny Bailie)

Ballykelly this morning had a Whimbrel, 7 Red-throated Diver and 89 Whooper Swans (Bob Watts)

A Great Spotted Woodpecker was at Mount Stewart (Alastair McLean)

Great Spotted Woodpecker, Brian Redpath:

Cuckoo, Brad Robson:

Russian White-fronted Goose

Bird News Sunday 11th April

A Russian White-fronted Goose is at Ecos Park, Ballymena. The bird was still present at 1pm. (Jeff Larkin)

Two Common Sandpiper were at the Bann Estuary (Bob Watts).

Four White Wagtails were around the Discovery Centre at Oxford Island. (Michael Henderson).

A Great Spotted Woodpecker was visiting a garden in Pomeroy. (Pete Thomson).

A Common Sandpiper was at Ballymacormick Point this afternoon. (James Andrew).

A Green-winged Teal and a Great White Egret were in the southwest corner of Lough Beg this evening. A Spotted Redshank was at Paddy's Dub and a different Spotted Redshank (with fuller summer plumage) was on the western shoreline. A White Wagtail was at Mullagh. (David Steele).

Five Common Sandpipers were at Portmore Lough RSPB reserve this afternoon. (David Shilliday).

Thanks to Jeff Larkin and David Stirling for the pictures of the Russian White-fronted Goose, to Michael Henderson for the picture of the White Wagtail and to Cecil Smyth for the picture of the Red Kite:

Jeff Larkin

David Stirling