Bird News Policy

NIBA Policy on Bird Information

The NIBA exists to collect, collate and share bird information in Northern Ireland. We collect this  information through a number of mediums including:
  • Records emailed \ sent in
  • This web site
  • Other websites e.g. BBC, Irish Birding 
  • Twitter
  • Newspapers
  • Word of mouth

Information is also provided by the NIBA to CEDAR and the Ulster Museum as this data can play an important role in conservation work.

We would also draw everyone's attention to the following:

1) We will not knowingly provide information on the location of breeding birds nor publish photographs of birds at their nest
2) If anyone provides information and they do not want their name associated with it, please advise us at the time of the record

3) All photographs should comply with the British Birds Photography Code of Practice which can be seen at:

It is also worthwhile highlighting that we are extremely thankful for all contributions and sightings information provided to the NIBA.  This information is of significant value both in terms of conservation and our understanding of the status of birds in NI.
The NIBA nor no members of the NIBA, benefit commercially from the provision of this information.