Bird News Sunday 31st October

One of the Black Brant and a Dark Bellied Brent were south of the Floodgates, Strangford Lough (K Bennett, R McCullogh). Also 3 Little Egret in the area.
The Goosander was at Ballycastle.
2 Sandwich Tern were at Cloghy, on the Outer Ards. (K Bennet)
100 Whooper Swans were at Sion Mills
9 Little Egret were at Castle Espie

The dark juvenile Great Skua was still off Macedon Point (Stuart McKee).

A Merlin, 6 Whooper Swan, 100 Tree Sparrow and 300 Skylark were at Ballyquintin Point (Richard Weyl).

3 GN Diver were at Orlock Point (George Henderson) and a Grey Plover at Kearney Point (Gerard McGeehan).

Last night a Barn Owl was at Tobermore in Londonderry (David Morrow). The NIBA welcomes any reports of this species which we must be on the 
verge of loosing as a breeding bird.

The major birding news in Ireland was of the juvenile North American Hen Harrier seen today at Tacumshim. (

Long-tailed Tit, Castle Espie - Cecil Smyth

Bird News Sat 30th October

A Short-eared Owl at Portavogie, a Merlin at Kirkiston, a Sandwich Tern 1 ml south of Ballywalter, 11 GN Diver past Burial Island between 11.30 and 12pm and 5 Swallow and a GN Diver at Orlock (Richard Weyl).
A Great Skua was off Macedon Point on the Antrim side of Belfast Lough (Stuart McKee).
76 Whooper Swan (8 juveniles) were at Longfield Point at Lough Foyle (Stephen Davis).

Bird News for 28th Oct.

2 Black Brant and 2 Dark bellied Brent were at the Floodgates Strangford Lough, for those of you who are unsure of the location of the floodgates, they are on the outskirts of Newtownards town.
Just as your leaving N'ards heading towards Portaferry they appear on your right hand side, just before you start seeing the Lough. There is a small car-park and also a viewing platform, it is always worthwhile checking the tide times, the birds feed on the mudflats close in when the tide is out.

2 Long tailed Duck were at Sandy Bay, Larne Lough (N.Warnock)

1000+Whooper Swan were at Lough Foyle, usually this large flock contain a few Berwick's Swan but you usually have to scan the flock carefully to pick them out.(M.Philips-Jones)

Once again thanks to everyone who text/ring in information, much appreciated.

BTO Conference

If you wish to attend the BTO conference on Saturday the 6th November, please contact Shane Wolsely at the details below. The cost is only £20 and the event is at Oxford Island.

This conference reads like a 'who's who' of Irish Birding with speakers including Dave Allen, Kendrew Colhoun, Brian Caffrey, Mark Ruddock and Jim Wells.

Shane Wolsey
BTO Ireland
Tel: 028 9146 7947
Mob: 07831 697371

The Black Redstart.......

Last week we published pictures of the Copeland Black Redstart and asked if you could age and sex the bird. Many thanks for David Galbraith in guiding us through this!
Note the rounded and relatively fresh tail feathers, which are also quite broad.  
 The lack of a white 'panel' on the wing rules out adult male.  
We know it is an adult on the tail, plus the completely uniform nature of the wing
feathers, all relatively freshly moulted.  A bird born this year would have
flight feathers unmoulted and almost always some greater coverts unmoulted,
thus showing contrast.  Hence, it is an adult female, almost by elimination of
everything else. An immature should also have a dark edge (up to 9mm)
on the central tail feathers, whereas this bird clearly has uniform central
tail feathers. 
There it is. If only all passerines were as easy as this!! 

Bird News Wednesday 27th October

A male Brambling was visiting a garden in Tobermore in Co Londonderry (David Morrow).

8 Little Egret, 4 Greenshank and 60 Brent were at Dundrum Inner Bay South (Dot Blakely).
A Peregrine was hunting over Newtownards Town Centre. (Colin Cardy) 
12 Little Egret were at Castle Espie along with this unringed (and not pinioned) Pink-footed Goose:
Don't forget to report your sightings to the NIBA via Flightline or

Bird News for 26th Oct.

Waxwings continue to arrive and a further 25 were in flight in Portrush (M.Tickner)

9 Little Egret were at Mill Bay in Carlingford Lough (F.Carroll)

2 PF Geese were with 150/170 Greylag Geese along with the escaped Blue-winged Goose at the Quoile pondage (S&J Marshall)

25 Fieldfare and 35 Redwing were at McKee's Dam near Hillsborough (C.Acheson)

Bottle-nosed Dolphins of Whitehead

Last nights UTV news had an item on the pod of Bottle-nosed Dolphins seen and filmed by Cameron Moore of Whitehead. If you missed it, you can see it at:

Long-billed Dowitcher Records

It is a while since birders in NI had an opportunity to observe a Long-billed Dowitcher at close quarters. There have been about 25 previous records (Lough Beg is the top spot) but there are at least a few records annually in RoI. However, unlike most American waders, over-wintering records are not uncommon so one can be found at any time.
There is a bird currently showing at close range in Waterford and it has been captured extremely well by Mark Carmody in the photograph below:

You can see more of Marks fantastic work at:
His first Book: Shorebirds of Ireland (
General Photos:

Late News for Monday 25th Oct

The Goosander was still at Ballycarry Bridge along with 4PF Geese 2 Whooper Swan, 65 Dunlin, 2 Bar-tailed Godwit, 6 Golden Plover and 18 Little Egret (N.Warnock)
Goosander - Neal Warnock

Bird News Monday 25th October

30 Waxwing were at Ballycastle Co. Antrim (Flightline). 5 were also at Portnablagh, Donegal (Irish Birding) so keep an eye out for them! 

A Lapland Bunting was in a stubble field at Orlock Point (Richard Weyl).

A pair of LT Duck was off Macedon Point but no sign of Velvet Scoters (Stuart McKee).

400 Whooper Swan were in a field near the Coast Inn at Myroe (C Stewart).

In south Down 200 Dunlin and 50 Ringed Plover at Ballykinler, and 13
Turnstone, 150 Turnstone and 200 Ringed Plover at Newcastle Beach (Jim
Yesterday 12 Fieldfare were near Horse Island in Strangford Lough (Dot Blakely).

Bird News Sunday 24th October

On the Antrim side of Belfast Lough 7 Velvet Scoter, an Arctic Skua and 30 Scaup were off Macedon Point, and a Kingfisher at Whitehouse Lagoon (Paul

At Strangford Lough a BT Diver was at Herring Bay and 8 Slavonian Grebe at Greyabbey Bay South (Richard Weyl). 
An Adult Mediterranean Gull at Greyabbey South.
A Dark-bellied Brent was at the Maltings, Strangford Lough
3 Crossbill (2 of them male) were at Ballyboley Forest in Antrim (Antrim RSPB).

At Lough Foyle 6,000 Brent, 800 Wigeon, 10 Pintail, a Slavonian Grebe, adult Mediterranean Gull and 150 Whooper were between Longfield Point and Myroe,and another 491 Whooper in a field at the Roe Estuary (Stuart McKee). 
As forecast below (although not difficult!), the first Irish Waxwings (4) of the winter have been reported from Horn Head, County Donegal. 

A Waxwing Winter?

Keep an eye out for Waxwings. A mini invasion is taking place in Britain. Birds have been reported in the last few days on the west coast of Scotland so we should be seeing them soon! 

Time yet for a Buff Bellied Pipit?

In NI, we only have one record of Buff Bellied Pipit, a bird from Lough Beg on 11th - 19th December (note the late dates). It proved to be extremely elusive and so was only seen by a small number of local birders. There is an excellent write up on its description, identification and how it was found by David Steele in the most recent NIBA Bird Report XVIII.
However, with records in Britain and Ireland now annual and in small numbers, another bird is to be expected. There is presently a bird in Waterford and a stunning shot of it by Mark Camody is shown below. Note in particular the strong pale supercilium and the plain upperparts. 

Buff Bellied Pipit, Waterford, Mark Camody
For more of Mark's excellent work see:
His first Book: Shorebirds of Ireland (
General Photos:

Arriving or Departing ?

Thanks to Ed O'Hara who kindly sent in these photo's of a flock of Whooper's at Oxford Island, just wondering after to-day's weather have these birds decided that's enough for us were are going back to Iceland, it's drier.

Bird News Saturday 23rd October

At the Floodgates, Strangford Lough, up to 30,000 Brent Geese were in the area. Amongst them was a Black Brant, two Dark-bellied Brent and one possible Grey-bellied (or hybrid?):

Black Brant - Wilton Farrelly

Dark-bellied Brent - Wilton Farrelly

5 Little Egret were also at the Floodgates, 35 Pintail at the Maltings and a RT Diver was at Groomsport (J.Whitla)

2 Snow Bunting and the 2w Med Gull were again at Portrush (M.Tickner)

Cork Bird News

If you are birding Cork in the near future, check out the service of  the Cork Bird News twitter site - the web address is: - the site has all the latest rare & scarce bird sightings in County Cork
After all the excitement of the last few weeks, things are now much quieter but is it the calm before the storm?.

Bird News Friday 22nd October

2 male Goosander were at Lough Vearty (Fermanagh) on the border with Donegal
(Brad Robson). 
A flock of 45 Whooper Swan was at Islandhill off the Comber Road (Spencer and Joan Marshall).

A Jay - (unusual for Island Magee but possibly a migrant) was in a garden in Ballystrudder (Robert McDowell). 

Bird News for 21st Oct.

The Ring-billed Gull and a 2w Med Gull were at East Strand car park Portrush (M.Tickner)

12 Whooper Swan and 37 Greylag Geese were at Parkgate near Templepatrick the birds been visible from the M2. (R.Gray)

A late Swallow was at Newry (F.Carroll)

Sparrowhawk and Dunlin

Thanks to Danny Boyd who sent in this photo from the RSPB Harbour Estate of a Sparrowhawk and an unfortunate Dunlin, the Sparrowhawk sure does look mean.

Bird News for 20th Oct.

An eclipse male Goosander and a Little Egret at Ballycarry Bridge in Larne Lough. 20 Little Egret and around 16 PF Geese were seen around the Lough. 10 Greenshank and a Little Egret were off Glynn Station. (C.Moore)

A SE Owl was seen in flight at Ardglass Golf Course (T.Murphy)

Along the north coast 2 Whooper Swan and a Merlin were at Myroe Levels and a Greenshank and 250 Brent at Ballykelly.

Probably the same flock of PF Geese and 9 Whooper Swan were reported from Ballycarry Bridge (N.Warnock)

Continental Robins

Earlier this year Martin Garner gave a fascinating talk, Birding Frontiers, in which he opened many local birders eyes to both common and rare birds. One of the most basic examples was how he highlighted the humble Robin and in particular the identification of migrant birds from the continent. If you want to learn more or have forgotten what they look like then look at the image below and his website at: 
The key features that Martin highlighted were the olive upperparts (not brown) and orange breast (not red). Martin is revisiting us next spring for another talk so prepare to learn more!
Continental Robin, Shetland October 2010

Bird News Tuesday 19th October

The male Goosander was at Ballycastle and the adult RB Gull at Portrush East Strand 
car park. A GN Diver, 3 Manx Shearwater, a few Kittiwake, 6 Brent and 40 Golden Plover were at Ramore Head (Ian Enlander).

A Wheatear was at Coney Island near Killough (Ian Mitchell).

3 late Swallow were at Newry (Frank Carroll).

2 Pink Footed Geese, a Merlin, a Peregrine, 8 Tree Sparrow and 7 Ruff were at Lough Beg. (Irish Birding)
There has been no word on the Rogerstown Sharp-tailed Sandpiper for a few days

Photos by Danny Boyd

Below are some excellent shots of local birds from Danny Boyd:


Black-tailed Godwit

A bird in the hand

More photo's from the team on Copeland Bird Observatory, this time ringing a Black Redstart. Can anyone tell from the images what age the bird is?

Bird News Monday 18th October

The Goosander was still at Ballycastle (Antrim). This might be a returning male in eclipse plumage rather than 
a new bird as first thought. 6 Whooper Swan were at Ramore Head (Colin Guy).

A Jack Snipe was at McCourts Lake, Poyntzpass Co. Armagh today (J Devlin)

4 Med.Gull (3 ad +1st winter) were at Cloughey Co.Down (I.Graham)

The two Velvet Scoter were at Macedon Point and 500 Golden Plover were at the RSPB Belfast Harbour Estate,(S.McKee) always worth going through, just this year a Buff breasted Sandpiper and an American Golden Plover have been associated with Golden Plover flocks.

Late Weekend News

Apologies for delaying these reports from the last few days (email problems!):

There were 15 little egrets in the vicinity of Islandmagee on Sunday morning.  Thirteen were in the lagoon beside the railway 1 mile north of Ballycarry Bridge, with another at rhe bridge and one more in a field north of the bridge on the Islandmagee side. (R McDowell)

Geese were arriving all day Friday along the north coast with 6/700 Barnacle
Geese, 70 Greenland White Fronted Geese and 16 Whooper Swan - the latter at Ballintoy (Colin

At Strangford Lough 1,000 Golden Plover, 6 Little Egret and 100 Pintail were
at the Flood Gates (Keith Bennett).

Yellow browed Warblers in Northern Ireland

The above are photographs from the 13th Oct. of the YBW that was trapped and ringed on Copeland Island Bird Observatory. There was another report of one on Rathlin Island. They look so small and fragile, but looks are obviously deceiving as  these hardy little Warblers take on a migration over thousands of miles, amazing, how is it possible. Sometimes though when there are easterly winds, they get pushed off course and this week big numbers have been seen on headlands along the south coast of Ireland including Cape Clear; so they have been reported from one end of Ireland to the other. Thanks to David Galbraith who kindly sent in these series of photos.

Redwings/Fieldfares starting to arrive.

Our thanks to Cecil Smyth who sent this flock of mixed Thrushes he took yesterday at Aghalee, a timely reminder that winter is not to far away

Bird News for 17th Oct.

2 Merlin were reported from Co. Down,one at Briggs Rocks and the other on Copeland Islands (R.Weyl)

A flock of 75 Linnet were at Junction 1 in Antrim(I. Dickey) Winter flocks of finches should be starting to build now in big numbers, always worth taking time to check through them for birds like Brambling and if your really lucky Hawfinch.

Bird News Saturday 16th October

On the Antrim side of Belfast Lough 2 Velvet Scoter were off Macedon Point and a Kingfisher at Whitehouse Lagoon (Paul McCullough).

An imm male Goosander was at the mouth of the river at Ballycastle (Antrim) before flying off - a new bird as the male there last year was an adult. 6
Whooper Swan were on the sea off Fair Head and a Common Tern at Cushendun
(Colin Guy).

Larne - Cairnryan ferry crossing - quiet on the bird front but 2 black-throated diver off Loch Ryan + mid-channel peregrine falcon flying towards Scotland - seemed to be coming from Antrim coast. 15 Common Dolphin (scarce in the north channel) off Loch Ryan + 15 Harbour Porpoise off Portmuck on the return leg. (I Enlander)

Bird news Friday 15th October

Yesterday a Hoopoe was reported at Belinaleck in Fermanagh (Brad Robson).

Today a Lapland Bunting and 7 PF Geese were at Lough Foyle (Brad Robson).

Late news for yesterday!

The Glossy Ibis, a Yellow Wagtail, 5 PF Geese and 10 White Wagtail were at Kiltagh Point on the Tyrone shore of Lough Neagh (Colm Coney).

Bird news Thursday 14th October

210 Barnacle Geese passed Ramore Head in 8 groups (Matthew Tickner).

The 9 PF Geese were still at Larne Lough - in a field north of Ballycarry Bridge. A Wheatear was at Portmuck on Island Magee (Cameron Moore).

2 Carrion Crow, 2 Sandwich Tern (set to over winter) and a Greenshank were at the Strand in Killyleagh (Spencer Marshall).

Another Yellow-browed Warbler

Following on from the Copeland bird (and one on Malin Head), one was reported today from Rathlin Island! Keep a look out at all coastal locations for this charismatic warbler.

Photo's from Floodgates Strangford Lough

Thanks to our roving photographer Danny Boyd who kindly sent in these photos from the Floodgates yesterday, can anyone find an American amongst the Golden Plover flock ,no neither can we.

Bird News for 13th Oct

A YB Warbler and a Black Redstart were ringed on Copeland Bird Observatory,other birds of note were a Redwing a singing Willow Warbler a few Goldcrest. CBO has virtual monopoly on YB Warblers in Nth Ireland.(D&P Galbraith)

St John's Point has 6 Goldcrest, 2 Redwing, 3 Song Thrush, a few Blackbird, 700 Skylark, up to a 1000 Starling, 250 Linnet, 20 Brent Geese, 2 Carrion Crow and a Merlin.(D.Allen/C.Mellon)

A L.E. Owl was at Hillsborough and a Barn Owl at Lisburn last night (G.Wilkinson)

Bird News for 12th Oct.

A Snow Bunting was at Ramore Head and a Ring-billed Gull at East Strand car park in Portrush.(M.Tickner)

24 Little Egret and 9 PF Geese were at Ballycarry Co.Antrim.(C.Moore)

2 Lapland Bunting were at the cattle grid to the entrance to the Quoile pondage and the Blue winged Goose was on the Quoile itself (S&J Marshall).

Elsewhere a Red flanked Bluetail ( 2nd irish record) was on Cape Clear Island, a few Northern birders will be getting twitchy over the next few days as a few have planned a trip onto the island.

Bird News Monday 11th October Update

As well as the news in the previous post, other sightings reported to the NIBA today include:

The Glossy Ibis roosting on rocky shore just north of Kiltagh Point on the Tyrone shore of Lough Neagh and 6 Swallow at Ardboe Point (Stephen Foster).

Imm Black Tern at Magilligan (Lough Foyle) and 20 Tree Sparrow and 7 Yellowhammer at Myroe Levels (Garry Wilkinson).

6 Brambling, 15 Tree Sparrow and a Wheatear at Ballykelly (Lough Foyle) and the Ad Ring-billed Gull at 
Portrush East Strand car park (Matthew Tickner).
5 Little Egret at the Floodgates in Strangford Lough (Jim Whitla).

Bird News Monday 11th October

The Buff Breasted Sandpiper was still in the ploughed field at Kirkistown, along with Golden Plover and Skylarks,  this morning - (R Price & M Taylor)

A Snow Bunting was on Cuilcagh Mountain, Co. Fermanagh, along with a Wheatear (B Robson).

Nine Pink-footed geese were at Larne Lough (N Warnock) 

Late news for yesterday: at Slieve Beagh, nr Fivemiletown Co Tyrone- male Hen Harrier and small flock of Crossbills (C Bell).
Dont forget to email your sightings to:

Sunday News Update

As well as the bird news in the previous posts below, other sightings today included:

3 Lapland Bunting and 100 Skylark in the last piece of stubble field not yet
ploughed at Kearney Point. Also 350 Lapwing, and 6 Swallow in the
area (Richard Weyl).

7 Red Kite from the RSPB viewpoint at Castlewellan (Dot Blakely).

2 Tree Sparrow and a Carrion Crow at Ballyquintin and a Chiffchaff and 4
Goldcrest at Templecowey (Dave Allen and Clive Mellon).

Yesterday 18 GWF Geese in flight at Dunseverick (Colin Guy)
A Black Kite was also on Tory Island.

Photos from Dundrum

Thanks to Mark Killops for these photographs of Little Egret and Redshank from Dundrum, Co. down

Bird News Sunday 10th October

Photograph of the BBS at Kirkistown (I.Graham)

Buff-breasted Sandpiper - A bird is on the ploughed field at Kirkistown, Co. Down (G Armstrong)
There was also 200 Golden Plove in the field,lots of Skylark and Meadow Pipit and up to 4 Wheatear at less one of them showing signs of the Greenland race. Over the next few weeks this field is well worth checking.

An obvious movement of birds were passing through Black Head Co. Antrim this afternoon,they included 80 + Robin although this was a rough estimate they seemed to everywhere, 40+Long-tailed Tit were in a mixed flock which included other tit species and 70+Goldcrest, plus an unusual high count of 30 + Woodpigeon.(I.Enlander)

Bird News Sat 9th October

Kearney had :
A Garden Warbler, Whitethroat, Chiffchaff,6 Lesser Redpoll, 3 Siskin and at least one Blackcap at Kearney Village (no sign of Firecrest) - (R Weyl, S McKee). 
Also 1 Arctic Skua, 1 Long Tailed Duck and six Common Scoter. (K Bennett)
Mediterranean Gull in the bay south of Portavogie and 20 RT Diver past Orlock Point over 30mins. (R Weyl)
A Velvet Scoter was seen in Belfast Lough, close to Dargan Bay (D Allen)

Belfast Lough RSPB Reserve had a Curlew Sandpiper. (K Bennett)
20 scaup were in Dargan Bay, Belfast.
Clive Mellon had 3/4 Redwing at Finaghy in Belfast

Cork was the place to be today with Indian House Crow (Cobh), Yellow-rumped Warbler (Cape Clear), a Black Kite (Toe Head) and a Yellow-breasted Bunting (Dursey)!

Bird News 8th October

A Firecrest was at Kearney Point, Co Down this morning. The bird was in the long line of Sycamore trees as you enter the village (C Mellon)

St John's Point had 100 Swallow, 200 Skylark, 70/80 Linnet and 400 Golden Plover

The lawn fields at Myroe had an American Golden Plover and on the Lough a Black Tern.

Bird News for 7th Oct.

2 Little Stints, 10 Curlew Sandpiper, 10 Ruff and a juv Black Tern were at Lough Beg.(D.Steele)

2 Whooper Swan were in a field at Portrush (I.Miller)

Tracker Duck

If you remember back to Sunday 2nd Oct. when Ed O'Hara sent in photographs of a female Pochard with a band on it's upper bill. Fascinated to know of its origin we did a little detective work, we can inform everyone that the bird was ringed on 20/5/09 at a location called Saint-Philbert-De Grand-lieu,which is 4oo km SE of Paris. The bird was aged as a 2 year old, our French counterparts are keen to keep tabs on their female Pochard so if anyone is birding around the Oxford Island area and come across this bird let the blog know and we can pass on the information.

Cape Clear

A lot of Irish Birders try to visit Cape Clear at least once a year. It is without doubt, the best location in Ireland for seeing rare birds. This week it has had Irelands first American Warbler of the Autumn, a Yellow-rumped Warbler.
For those traveling from NI, the road network means that it is either dual carriageway or motorway all the way to Cork. The journey to Cork now takes just over 4 hours with another 70 minutes to the ferry at Baltimore.

The bird observatory on the island provides excellent accommodation and you can find further details on it and other facilities at:

With regard to the birding, it is always unexpected. Yes it can be quiet sometimes but it also provides an excellent opportunity for you to find your own rarities. The bird list for the island is of fantastic high quality. Expect some snippets of news from this web site over the next few weeks as a number of northern birders try to find their own rarities!

Little Bunting, Cape Clear, Michael O'Keefe

Bird News Wednesday 6th October

4 Lapland Bunting at Ramore Head (Antrim) and the adult RB Gull at Portrush East Strand car park. (M Tickner)

A WT Eagle was at Lower Lough Erne (Fermanagh) - reported to Brad Robson by fishermen.

John Neill had the first Brambling (female) in his garden in Carrickfergus (Antrim) yesterday. This follows on from six seen at Malin Head on Monday.

As usual, many thanks to all our contributors who share an interest in keeping NI birders informed about local sightings! 

Redwings arriving

There's a report from today of Redwings arriving at Malin Head Co.Donegal, so it's only a matter of days before these beautiful winter visitors will be seen regularly in Northern Ireland. When first arriving they can often be heard at night flying over. If you remember back to the start of the year when we had the severe winter, many people were reporting that they had these 'strange thrush like birds' in their garden.....
Coincidentally, a member of the public sent Michael Viney (Irish Times), a credible record stating that Redwing bred at Dun Laoghaire, south of Dublin, this year.

Bird News for 5th Oct.

2 Grey Plover and a Whimbrel were at Killard Co.Down (C.Nash)

Bird News Monday 4th October

A quiet day:
Female Scoter, 10 Eider, 10 Wigeon and 28 Scaup at Dargan Bay in Belfast (J Whitla & M Adamson)

200 Teal, 7 Snipe, 15 Greylag and a Peregrine were at Belfast Lough RSPB Reserve and a Brent at Kinnegar Shore. 
At Malin Head, Donegal, there were 62 Lapland Buntings, 14 Snow Buntings and a borealis Eider. (R McLaughlan) 

Bird News for Sunday 3rd Oct.

St.John's Point,no great sign of any movement,birds of note included 1 Arctic Skua, 1 Puffin,and 3 RT Diver,5 Buzzard were at Kellys Wood, small parties of Swallow and House Martin were passing through as were a number of Skylark.
Killough has 2 Med.Gull,(both ad ) 1 Little Gull, 5 Little Egret,1 Greenshank, Strand Lough near by had a Kingfisher.(G.Armstrong/I.Graham/I.Patience/P.West)

Female Common Scoter at Dargan bay this morning.  About 12 Scaup and 10 Red Breasted Mergansers also (E Randall)

Islandmagee this morning - Portmuck - 2 sparrowhawk on headland, 30 blackbird - virtually all males, 40 goldfinch, 20+ goldcrest. Skernaghan Point (Browns Bay) 50 linnet, 60 meadow pipit, 2 wheatear, 3 sandwich tern, 10 swallow (I Enlander)

At Malin Head, Co Donegal, A Yellow-browed Warbler and 6 Brambling were seen.

Bird News for 2nd Oct.

Whitehead Co.Antrim had a steady movement of Gannets approx 1000 per. hr they were moving in a S.E. direction, along the seafront there seem to be a small fall of passerines with 60+ meadow pipits, and 30 Goldcrests. (I.Enlander)

Islandmagee had 6 Pink footed Geese NE of Ballycarry Bridge of Larne Lough. Ferris Bay area north of Islandmagee, had a Chiffchaff and a Sanderling, there was also 20 + Goldcrests in the area (I.Enlander).

2 Med.Gull (ad +2nd winter) at Cloghy Bay Co.Down (K.Bennett/R.Weyl).

Another Med.Gull (1st winter) was at Ballycastle Bay Co.Antrim(C.Guy)

Along Strangford Lough 2 Little Egret were at the floodgates,200 Golden Plover a Greenshank and 25 Bar-Tailed Godwit at Greyabbey Bay (K.Bennett)

Thanks to Ed O'Hara for the above photos from Oxford Island which shows a female Pochard with a band on it's upper mandible with the letters NT printed on it, possibly part of some type of tracking scheme, if anyone knows the real reason please let the blog know.We are here to educate.

Glossy Ibis

Glossy Ibis: Presumably the bird originally seen at Lough Beg has today been at Farsnagh Point, Ardboe \ Blackers Rock, Lough Neagh. (D Coney)

White-Tailed Eagle, Co Antrim

The You Tube clip below relates to a recent BBC Newsline item about a White-Tailed Eagle in County Antrim.

Bird News Friday 1st October

600 Linnet and 300 Skylark were at Kearney Point (Down) and a second winter Mediterranean Gull at Drumfad Bay south of Millisle. (R Weyl)
A juv Ruff and 3 RT Diver were also seen at Kearney (A McCullogh)  
A Black Tern, juv Spotted Redshank and Chiffchaff were at the Ponds at Mullagh at Lough Beg (D Steele).