Bird News Monday 24th March

A Kingfisher was just downstream of the red bridge at Newforge on the River Lagan in Belfast. (Robert Scott).

The escaped Red Crested Pochard was at Oxford Island. (Tom McCreery).

A Little Egret was along the far bank of the Quoile below the Quoile Centre at the first car park. (Tony Donaldson).

Thanks to today's photographers, Tony Donaldson, James O'Neill, Dick Glasgow, Derek Polley and Tom McCreery.

Buzzards - Tony Donaldson 

 Long-tailed Tit - James O'Neill

Goldcrest - Dick Glasgow 

Redpoll - Dick Glasgow 

Sparrowhawk - Dick Glasgow 

Female Brambling - Derek Polley
Red Crested Pochard - Tom McCreery
Little Egret - Tony Donaldson

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