Golden Eagle Poisoned in Tyrone

The bird was found on 1st November 2010, outside the village of Killeter in west Tyrone, with a partially full crop, suggesting that it had eaten recently. It was then taken away by police for testing. The post-mortem has since revealed that it was poisoned by carbofuran, which has been banned in the UK since 2001.
The bird was collected as a chick from the Outer Hebrides, Scotland, in June 2010 and reared and released in Glenveagh National Park, Co Donegal by the Golden Eagle Trust as part of an ongoing project to restore Golden Eagles in the Republic of Ireland.
The dead bird was fitted with a 70g satellite transmitter before it was released in August 2010. Satellite tracking showed that the dead bird spent several weeks around the release area before wandering down to Killeter Forest in Tyrone, where it had been since mid-October.

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