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This is a message from Stewart Holohan, who is looking for any information on the subject below, if anyone can help contact the blog and we can pass info. onto Stewart.
I check all the Sanderling,I see in Dublin, and County Louth for colour rings and flags. I find that on average 1-2% of the Sanderling are colour ringed. Whilst most of the birds spend the winter in Ireland and are very site faithful, on migration I have got flagged Sanderling which previously wintered in France, Mauritania, Ghana and Walvis Bay, Namibia. If I get them they are certain to pass through Northern Ireland on their way to the nesting grounds in North East Greenland. Today I got an email from Norway stating that a Bar-tailed Godwit with a satellite transmitter has just arrived in Larne a few hours ago, whether it stayed there we will know tomorrow. A group of Norwegian ornithologists have been colour ringing Bar-tailed Godwits near Tromso for a few years. I have had one of their birds in Dublin Bay for 2 winters. It is present this week and will be until late March. Some of "my" Bar-tailed Godwit males return from Norway in full summer plumage in the first week of July, so they probably fly the 2400-2500km direct.(Stewart Holohan)

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